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LED MOBILE SOLUTIONS offers you all the necessary tools that better fit to organize your business events:

  • The ultimate technology in LED scrrens, video projectors and Plasma Walls.
  • Recording, production and editing of animation and  videos.
  • Execution of online direct videos using LIVE STREAM.
  • Creation and design of visual contents.
  • Video, mapping and projection on any surface.
  • Installation and monitoring of professional audio equipment.
  • Supervision of simultaneous translation.
  • Installation and monitoring of all kinds of lighting equipment.
  • Catering services.
  • Staff provision and hiring: technicians, flight attendants, waiters, security staff, etc


LMS fully organizes all your events. It is no longer necessary to hire other suppliers to run the different steps of an event. LMS owns the appropriate resources to design, organize and execute a perfect business event.


LMS not only owns mobile LED screens but can also provide transportation, audiovisual services, online marketing, social networking, design of specific microsites for each event and much more.

At a new book launching, or a new brand model car, or on  an annual sales conference for your larger or smaller company, LMS owns all the necessary resources and business tools to run your event smoothly and efficiently.


LMS owns a long experienced professional staff proving a top quality result.